How to Deal with Mentally Retarded Children

Mentally retarded people have a low level of intelligence to deal with daily living skills and learning skills too. These children lack the skills to interact with others or they do not have proper social skills and sometimes lack language development. These children may crawl, walk, or even can learn to talk but it will be done at a very slow pace. There will be a delay in language development or they might have difficulties with their learning skills.

These children will lack daily living skills like toilet, feeding, getting dressed or even communication skills to express themselves to understand others. If you think that something is wrong with your child, immediately contact a professional who can test the IQ of your child and can find out the degree of retardness of your child.

Once you know about it come to terms with your child’s retardness and find out ways of how to cope with it and how to help your child. You as a parent should give special care to your child so that he or she does not fell neglected. Then you also need to find out about nursery schools for children with special needs where you can find trained professionals to handle your child. Now, a majority of these schools provide transportation which is an added advantage.

Above all schooling, the most important thing that a child needs is the love of the parents and the family. Do not ever try and separate your child from your home or from yourself. This will just hamper his mental development even further. Give him or her extra love and affection and show extra care and concern for the child.

Slowly let your child take part in some activities, although development will be very slow it is going to bring him a sense of belonging. You can take the help of a professional to chalk out various activities that can be performed by your child. Depending on the degree of retardness you will have to involve your child in various extra curricular activities so that they are exposed to social interaction.

They do not need theoretical knowledge, what they need are practical skills to be independent and survive in this world. You as a parent should help them be in touch with the outer world and you must also have a lot of patience to help your child.